Lesbian Sex Toys

Posted on January 26, 2010

Starting with the most popular lesbian sex toys on the market, as we know; nowadays everyone is so busy and the demand for convenience is enormous. The ‘Finger Vibe’ sex toy is most convenient and is very discrete to carry. Flexibles are vibrators that feel real and are not however- portable; not in the sense of size nor discreteness. Nipple stimulators are somewhat portable and pocket vibrators are actually small enough to carry in ones pocket. Yet which one of these babies gets the job done and with ease? Let’s find out;

1. Finger Vibes are definitely the most popular as far as I can see because of size, functions, discreteness, and price.

2. When using toys more often than suggested, place a clean condom over the toy to be smart and clean.

3. Strap-On Vibrators are becoming more and more so popular in the lesbian communities.

4. Strap-On Compatibles as dildos are very important due to the cost of collecting sex toys. Buying a name brand of strap on is like buying a universal power adapter with all the little adapter heads for different electronics. Buy strap on compatible dildos and toys simply smart.

5. Toy Boxes are extremely popular with more and more parents including gay and lesbian couples becoming parents of children and fitting into a modern day family setting. These nifty toy boxes sometimes come with key locks yet usually a combination lock with a combination known only to the parents. These are a must have if there are kids about. You can keep toys and the water based lubricants that are on the rise as they make for a much easier cleanup and allow for the sex toys to last longer according to popular belief.