How to make your online hookups cum again and again

Posted on February 12, 2016

Let’s cut out the bullshit. Free hookups are all about sex. More specifically, it’s all about making her, your female partner, cum over and over again. I’m talking about female orgasms. I’m not just talking about her getting wet, I’m not just talking about her getting all excited. I’m talking about her getting into an almost catatonic state because she couldn’t deal with the tremendous amount of physical and nervous pleasure that’s just pulsating through her body relentlessly and about to blow up the back of her head. That kind of orgasm.

And if you really want to become the big man on online dating sites that enable free hookups, you better listen up. These pieces of information will ensure that you would be at least able to make your woman orgasm many times over.

Use your tongue, mouth, breath, and fingers

Oral sex has to be always part of the equation. Unfortunately, a lot of guys look at it as obligatory. They simply go through the motions. Well, I’m sorry to break this to you, but if you are fingering and eating out your partner like you’re dealing with a corpse at the morgue, you are doing it wrong. You have to lose yourself in the moment.

Use your tongue, your mouth, your breath, and your fingers. In other words, get into her rhythm and use all the tools at your disposal to really get her off. Make her come all over your mouth. If your face doesn’t look like a glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme after making her come twice, then you’re not doing your job properly.

Look her in the eye and burn in her heat

Every woman is a goddess. Seriously. Every woman has her distinct eternal pool of charm. You really just have to give her the appreciation and respect she needs. And the way to do this is to look straight at her while you’re eating her out or banging the fuck out of her. Feel the heat, feel the moment so you can get excited and you can stay harder and longer and give her the kind of good time she’s looking for.

If you want to be a good lover, you have to put the needs of your partner first. It’s not just about you ejaculating. Because if that’s how you have sex, then you’re having sex like pig. So go create a profile on a good hook up site as the one I’ve used;  and get to work!